10, 11, 12 february 2023

a simple music festival

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Whether electronic or acoustic, traditional or futuristic, schiev offers a broad vision of avant-garde pop music. Diversity and discovery are the essence of our artistic programme. We want the widest possible audience to have access to Belgian and international projects that are aiming to overcome the boundaries of their genre, or push it to its limits. We present what gives our name its meaning, the most ‘schiev’ artists out there: those who seek, innovate and freely experiment with textures, influences, rhythms and composition.

otto lindholm © max meyer

We put special emphasis on presenting an eclectic line-up, with the conviction that experiencing certain music genres outside their usual contexts can generate a different perception and experience for the audience. Eclecticism is another way in which we try to give the audience the opportunity of discovering something new, or of perceiving something they already knew in a new light.

nkisi © may meyer

In the context of the international music scene and with so many overrated mainstream acts, schiev focuses on emerging talents and gives special importance to the inclusion of Belgian artist as a way to support the local music scene and to promote those which are usually under-exposed.

new electronic aesthetics in maghreb and the middle east © max meyer

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schiev is a member of SHAPE, a Creative Europe-funded platform comprising 16 European festivals and art centres. 

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