check out this year conferences 👩🏽‍🏫

Every year, schiev proposes daily conferences, talks and interventions that aim to broaden our views on music. These informal talks are the best way to grasp and get context on what schiev is all about: music, artists and what’s in between and around them. All in a very cozy, easy-going and simple way, we swear. Oh and guess what, it’s free !

🦜 écouter dans les ruines du capitalisme (friday 15 november)

With a rare sense of raw poetry, Alexandre Galand capture the “Capitalocene”, our brand new world where birds sings iPhone ringtone. A presentation in french by Alexandre Galand (Dr. History, Arts and Archeology, Liège).

🚀 introduction to the work of Kodwo Eshun (saturday 16 november)

More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction by Kodwo Eshun has been cited as influential by generations of makers and devotees of electronic and/or black music. This conference will explore the contemporary legacy of the book and Eshun’s wider work. A conference in english by Noëmie Vermoesen (Researcher, Berlin).

🎙 la vie électrique – musique & science-fiction (sunday 17 november)

Our Sunday will start with the live recording of the monthly radio show La Vie Electrique dedicated to science-fiction. For this occasion, the one and only people of Radio Panik prepared us a special radio show on “Music & Science-Fiction”. A radio show in french presented by Peggy Pierrot, Pierre de Jaeger and Sara Doke.