🔋 a nap with Jay Glass Dubs (gr)

Wednesday 11/11 — 1.30 PM — online

labelBerceuse Héroïque

Wednesday 11.11, 01.30 PM – on Mixcloud + Zweikommasieben
Saturday 14.11, 03.00 PM – on LYL Radio

Kaliméra Dimitri ! 🙂 Your music is sometimes labelled as experimental dub, how would you describe it in your own words ?

Bonjour / Goedemorgen to you too!

I would like to think of my music as a living organism and organisation of ideas, failures, time and emotion, any labels are honestly very restrictive. Labels are for food cans. Maybe not even that anymore.

We asked you to soundtrack the activity « taking a nap », which is one of the most basic (and, let’s be frank, most enjoyable) activities of our daily life. How did that theme influence your set ? You mentioned somewhere being interested in Laïko, a traditional greek music style that inspires itself in daily life as well.

I can think of some laiko songs on top of my head that speak of an afternoon nap in specific places. Maybe my favorite would be Dimitris Mitropanos’  ”Se Mia Stiva Kalamies” as I have taken a nap in the same place that the singer who also wrote the song did as the legend has it. For the Schiev commission I applied a different approach, even though elements of my main obsessions are omnipresent.

I thought of a 50minute long song, something one would listen to while reading a book, an elongated chant that is rather hypnotic than obsolete.

This performance will be pre-recorded as we unfortunately can’t have you over in Brussels. How do you feel about these « online » gigs and commissions ?

The club is not my natural environment but I feel that is very much needed. I always prefered smaller places, more intimate work and true attendance.

I think that the ways human beings find to overcome any misshapes, are proof that contact is also in itself an ever changing thing, the conception of contact I mean. What we lack now is the chance of a real human interaction and we are being  held witnesses to a paradigm shift regarding social interaction in general.

This situation has put barriers to physicality in an unprecedented way. It’s very interesting to observe that in places with a long tradition of physical communication like Greece. People feel lost if they can’t hug and kiss other people. And this is why all gatherings are happening. And until that’s safe we have to be extra cautious and responsible. But we also have to live, and work and pay bills. And if a commission is as interesting and intimate as the one proposed by you then good things can happen.

Any « nap routine » you’d like to share before hearing your live at home ?

Not really. I would just love people to take a nap while listening to it.

This concert is held with the support of SHAPE Platform.