All you’ve ever wanted to know about Article 13 and never got the chance to ask

Sunday 18/11 — 15:30

What’s all the fuss about Article 13 ?! After a divisive debate at the European Parliament this year, Article 13 was finally voted. Described as an update of the Copyright legislation, the law aims to avoid unfair use of media and cultural content on social medias. This Article raised both concerns and praises from members of the music industry. Which is weird. In order to shed some light on this controversial article, we’re inviting John Phelan (ICMP – The global voice of music publishing) to discuss it moderated by the one and only Emi Vergels (The Word Magazine).

A pub talk with John Phelan (ICMP – The global voice of music publishing), moderated by Emi Vergels (The Word Magazine).