annelies monseré (be)

Sunday 18/11 — 16:30

⛪🌫 devotional pop


God knows there are many beers in Belgium. Around 2500, according to Wikipedia. Locals, born and raised, still discover a new favorite beer each week, after which they share it with friends and wonder how is it possible that no one knew about it before.

It’s the same with music. This time, Annelies Monseré is our new favorite local gem. Listening to the album she recently released on the always exquisite Stroom, we wondered why no one told us about her before and we immediately knew it’s something that must be shared with all of our schiev friends.

Annelies brews what sounds like ascetic folk, purified of unnecessary decorations, where each sound is magnified by the silence around it. On top of this economical use of resources comes Annelies’ voice. She does seem to be singing for herself but you will still get to feel the beams and serenity of a cold winter sun when she opens our last festival day.