aponogeton (be)

Friday 15/11

↩︎ post-post rock ↩︎


label: Stroom.tv

The ambient music umbrella is now so large that a huge part of what we listen these days falls under it. So yes, in the sense that the focus is not necessarily on beats, Aponogeton can be consider ambient. But don’t imagine the sort of co-working-muzak that won’t disturb your focused-workflowTM. Aponogeton is all about powerful emotions, about exploding climax and before-the-storm tension, evoking the most epic moments post rock was ever able to produce. The likes that made you wanna drive at night, closed-eyes, on an empty road. Come on, die young. Let’s not lie dear artists who reads us: if you mention Stalker in your press kit, we’ll most likely be more keen on listening what you send. We just can’t help.

⚠️ This is a seated concert taking place in the Golden Hall which has a very limited capacity. To make sure to attend, get a presale.