&apos (be)

Sunday 18/11 — 17:30

😶 discreet electronica


label: bepotel records

When it comes to artists who we hope will not end up on an obscure compilation somewhere in 2042 during some weird minidisc revival, we already mentioned Offshore §. In the same category of Brussels-based specimens we want to see out there ASAP, there is &apos. You might have crossed him already, most likely as part of the bepotel trio because his solo gigs are just as rare as his nose for the finest, uniquely melodic laptop music.

This elusive attitude also defines the music itself. It is volatile, almost indistinguishable, at times reminding of Actress’ sound, except in a totally different mood. There is something of a digital lullaby in his productions, something of the soundtrack of a video game where a love story unfolds and cosmic beings are coming together.

As strange or awkward as this may seem, we invite you to listen to one of his very few available productions, Lichtdrank, and then you can come up with your own metaphors.