bear bones, lay low (be)

Saturday 17/11 — 01:00

😁🎢impish kraut


Ernesto might very well be a minstrel, but a fantasy minstrel with origins in the Japanese noise scene that weirdly worship the french region of Occitanie (Keiji Haino, Kawabata Makoto): a charming ronin wandering the world, lending his musical genius to everything he touches.

A full-time musician since the moment he touched his first guitar and a Venezuelan whose heart belongs here, in Brussels, he already lent his iconoclastic proficiency to a bunch of projects such as Maitres Fous, Viper Pit, Tav Exotic or Yader. Bear Bones, Lay Low is his solo project.

A self-confessed German music fan, his version of kraut rock seems to us a lot warmer, happier and certainly messier than the original one. We cannot quite put our finger on it, but there is always something naughty and mischievous in his long, reverberating pieces. Sometimes a little dub-like, most of the times downright cosmic, it’s the ideal soundtrack of our own fantasy version of Where the Wild Things Are when we used to dance the sarabande until the morning.