bérangère maximin (fr)

Saturday 17/11 — 22:00

🔊🎯subtle electroacoustic


label: Atlas Realisation / Aparté Music / Pias

Partly because we’d rather not answer the question “What is experimental music?”, and partly because, let’s face it, we just enjoy messing around, schiev identifies itself as a pop music festival. What is pop to us, you ask? Obviously not Taylor Swift but a certain approach that makes the music – any music – accessible to everyone, whether it’s the production or the consumption of it. OK, but then why invite someone like Bérangère Maximin with such an impressive CV? Well, because unlike others, she manages to make us forget all about her intimidating pedigree – the academia, the prizes, the erudition of her music – and simply enjoy the raw feeling that you rarely get from other classical acts. Sensual and hypnotic, her tracks are physical and meditative at the same time.

⚠️ This is a seated concert taking place in the Golden Hall which has a very limited capacity. To make sure to attend, get a combo-ticket.

a SHAPE concert held with the support of the European Union (Creative Europe)