Boulevard du Stream : Du mp3 à Deezer, la musique libérée

Saturday 11/11/17 — 17:00

In its latest book, after nearly a hundred interviews with actors of yesterday and today, Sophian researches the latest mutations in the way we listen to music, from the sudden rise of online music, Napster, the panic of record companies and the birth of streaming services. He’ll discuss his research, as well as the book that came out of it, with Hervé Loncan. 

A conversation in French.


Sophian Fanen works for the French media Les Jours. He’s mainly talking about music, from the creation of it to the way we are listening to it. He recently published the book “Boulevard du Stream”. 


Hervé Loncan, co-editor in chief of Revue Audimat. He has recently translated “Hits” by John Seabrook.