🌪 cleaning with Q-Boy (be)

Sunday 15/11 — 11.00 AM — online

label: PRR! PRR!

Sunday 15.11, 11.00 AM — on mixcloud / 11.40 AM – on Radio Panik

Hellooo Benjamin ! Or should I say Q-Boy, your new moniker. Could you let us know a little more about this new project ?

Q was naturally born on stage, spinning. Since then I’ve found a better sound balance, regained my energy, and even opened up new BPM’s.

You’re quite connected on the Belgian scene, collaborating with the label PRR! PRR! (that we love so much <3), working with Golin and your other solo projects. Your represent what at schiev we defend years after years, a highly creative Belgian scene and a collaborative spirit at its core. How would you describe the musical environment here in Belgium and your envolvement in it ?  

Belgian scene is great. To me Daddy K started it all. I’m happy we can have our own music God as well here in Belgium! King K if you read this, please answer my emails.

For schiev, we asked you to soundtrack the activity « CLEANING ». Did that theme influence your tracklist or the way you’ll mix it ?

I’m used to use the same technique cleaning or sampling. I always play the same no matter the activity. A freak like me, just needs infinity.

Any musical tips when we need to do THE big cleaning ?

I like to clean as I start a new Qbase session, starting from something blank. Definitely try to use acid instead of soap. Maniac on the floor.