Are we condemned to audio-visual works?

Saturday 12/11 — 17:00

This informal talk will focus on the growing – or diminishing – importance of audio-visual interventions during live acts. From Xenakis’ partition to the golden era of VJ-ing and branded entertainment, the debate will shed a new light on the appeal and/or limitations of bringing visuals to the table.

Romain Tardy creates light installations, directs movies and does art direction. His already large body of work covers both the private sector and the cultural field.

Jackson Fourgeaud, aka Jackson and his Computerband, is a renowned musician who just spent his last year at Villa Médicis (Rome) working on an audio-visual show.

Gaëtan Naël created Maintenant festival 15 years ago. He is also the curator of the Rennes concert venue L’Antipode.