crystallmess (fr)

Saturday 16/11

↖︎ crazy witty cool ↘︎

dj set

On top of being a tremendous DJ, Christelle Oyiri is a producer, artist and writer. If we see this kind of slasher profile every now and then, the specificity of Crystallmess is that you can clearly hear her more theoretical practice in her sets. Like a musical version of Edgar Morin’s “Pensée complexe” (it’s ok to google that one, treat yourself), she picks materials everywhere and makes connection that are both completely new and obvious. She’ll insert loops and quotes, as so many liner notes, without ever loosing the dance floor focus nor the raw power of her tracks. Intense and powerful, clever and bold, hot and sweaty, her mix address in a seamless flow your heart, feet and brain.

This concert is held with the support of SHAPE platform.