🧨 a deadline with object blue (uk)

Friday 13/11 — 11.00 AM — online

label: nervous horizon

Friday 13.11, 11.00 AM — on mixcloud
Saturday 14.11, 6.00 PM — on LYL Radio

Hiya Blue ! You got yourself a reputation both in producing and dj sets. What did you prepare for your schiev set ?

Hi! Plugged in my Push 2 for the first time in a loooong time, to make an improvisatory set. I really like this series of prompts you provided us — focusing on the mundane rather than flashing lights and stages of festivals. I improvised with confined but uncomfortable sounds, which is exactly how a deadline feels to me…

Your music is described as a bold mix between body music – commonly linked to the club – and sound design – perceived as a more static way of listening. It seems to us you like to challenge this dichotomy. Would you agree with that idea ?   

I do! I challenge the dichotomy itself because I think it’s more interesting if you can mess up those categories. Experiencing music with your body moving or with a quieter mind doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

For schiev, you were asked to soundtrack the mood when ones got a « deadline » coming up. How do you relate to this mood ?

Oh dear, I am so bad with deadlines that I’ve sought psychiatry for it. It gives me such a sense of dread and panic, every time… I’m better after years of working on it, though, and I made this set less gloomy/scary because I’d like listeners to have this in the background when doing chores, so it’s like a friend to their tasks, rather than me telling them how I feel about deadlines.

Would you say you’re an « organized chaos » or « timeline and to-do’s » type of person ? 

I make timelines and to-dos but rarely stick to them. Organised chaos for sure.

This concert is held with the support of SHAPE Platform.