eod (no)

Sunday 18/11 — 19:30

🤔💕madeleine de proust


label: bbbbbb / Rephlex

Truth be told, we are not the nostalgic type. But we do have feelings: we often realise we’ve thrown away tons of music over time only to rediscover it a few years after with amazement, be it in a mix or through internet wandering. EOD had been hiding on an ancient 500GB hard drive, the one with the broken USB cable, in one of those “Music I must listen to” folders we never really had the chance to explore decently. And if you think of all the hours spent on eMule or Soulseek to make sure WE HAVE IT ALL because, you know, you just have to have it all.

With its early-electro vibe, penchant for drill’n’bass and knack for hazy ambient atmosphere (or for the funniest sounds of the jungle spectrum), EOD somehow  embodies and represents everything that made us like electronic music. Insert your favorite IDM/ braindance/ ambient project name, _______, and yes, EOD winks at it. Among others.

As if this Proust madeleine vibe was not enough, EOD completes the picture in its latest album with track names such as Nyarlathotep, R’Lyeh or Dagon : for someone who’s wasted an indecent part of his better years rolling the ten sided dice over Call of Cthulhu, not booking the guy is downright impossible.

a SHAPE concert held with the support of the European Union (Creative Europe)