fiesta en el vacio (fr)

Saturday 17/11 — 00:00

✨ modular poetry


label: No man is an island

« No man is an island » is the unofficial motto of one of Brussels’ most respected labels. As if it’s not enough that their releases are, every single time, unbelievable (make sure to check them out at our label market because, you know, #shamelessselfpromo), but they never stop digging and they never cease to bring us, year after year, on a silver platter, some crazy nuggets you would otherwise never find elsewhere.

This year, it’s the case of Fiesta en el vacío. It’s been less than two months since we first listened to this Bordeaux-based artist’s field recordings and the occasional obscure YouTube video is a tab that never gets closed. Blending together cold wave and Spanish spoken poetry, this project is a bridge between Barcelona’s boroughs and the Threefold Alliance of the East.

Let’s just hope this label keeps up its unbuttoned quest towards what electronic pop quintessentially means, otherwise, let’s face it, we would lose one of our most precious consultants and quite few of the most intriguing projects we showcase each year.