Front de Cadeaux (BE/IT)

Sunday 13/11 — 16:30

🐌 💦 sluggish & sweaty groove


Aptly named after the Belgian EBM pioneer group FRONT 242, the Belgo-Italian duo is composed of Hugosan and DJ ATHOME (Remember our rooftop Dj set last year?)

Known for sharing a life-time interest in italo disco and for playing « wrong » speed sessions, they can turn pop anthem or forgotten french variété in a nasty, sensual, hypnotic, slo-mo sound, quintessential for their own brand of “Supreme Rallentato”.

They just released a new EP on Lexi Disques and have been featured on labels such as SUBFIELD and ROCCODISCO. They’ll be our Sunday « grand finale »: you should definitely bring your towel. ?