gan gah (ma)

Sunday 18/11 — 20:30

🏜gnawa 2.0

dj set

label: low up

We can’t repeat it enough : there are some incredible music projects coming out of Belgium and Brussels in particular (if you disagree, email us your complaint and we’ll talk about it) and the funny thing is that you can pass by them several times without even realizing it.

We had to take an eight-hour flight and attend Nyege Nyege, a music festival in Uganda, to discover Gan Gah, who’s otherwise living in Belgium. Seeing how seamlessly he mixes Raï and Gnawa or Berber sounds from the same Maghreb with UK funky or, even better, old school French rap that will leave no one in their thirties indifferent, we knew it instantly, before the set was even finished – there’s no other way to end our own schiev festival but with Gan Gah. Swift and strong like a high-calorie snack, he’s bound to squeeze all the remaining energy out of you in the most delicious way.