gigsta (be)

Sunday 17/11

→ go-to DJ ⌀

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If schiev is made by a small team of more-or-less dedicated people, a bigger group of sympathisant have been surrounding the project from day 1. There are the people who’ll help sorting a stupid administrative matters, others that will tip you on this incredible artist, and, drum rolls, those who’ll give you a hint or two when your conference program has become more difficult to finish than one of our 2019’s maze. Let me introduce you: Noëmie, resourceful scholar extraordinaire. But people brace yourself cause here’s the plot twist of this convoluted pitch: like Clark Kent getting rid of his journalist suits to wear the life savior cape of Superman, Noëmie can turn into Gigsta, a unique DJ whom we’ve followed the path in the past years. Born in Belgium, raised in Brittany, based in Germany, researching the Detroit scene and with a solid Bristol bond (pfiou), she’s able to draw influence from all over the place, spanning from heavy new beat to speed garage gems. As a seasoned radio host, she builts some of her sets on a thematic approach: come hear the soundtrack of the perfect schiev-closing.