jung an tagen (at)

Friday 16/11 — 01:00

🧠⚡️on edge electronica


label: Editions Mego

There was a time – “un temps que les moins de 20 ans ne peuvent pas connaître” – when Vienna and Austria were considered the cradle of electronic music freedom. Under the legendary label Mego, artists such as Pita or Christian Fennesz were redefining what was acceptable in terms of “computer made music” and how much a “pop” audience could really take.

Those times are over and the age of the experimental Austrian scene (in the most literal meaning of the word) has faded with them. Its spirit, however, is resurfacing today through the music of Jung An Tagen, promising new disruptions on the way. The young musician uses a bunch of stereo games and gimmicks, from arpeggiator to the Sheppard’s tone, to create a bursting dance music which is in fact liberating from predecessors’ legacy. It’s more fun and more “geek” at the same time, with one foot in the club and the other in the lab.


a SHAPE concert held with the support of the European Union (Creative Europe)