Saturday 12/11 — 21:00

📢 fearless furiosa


KABLAM is a Swedish DJ, producer, and creator of remixes. She is also part of the Berlin-based Janus collective, alongside the likes of Lotic and M.E.S.H.. Earlier this year, her debut album came out. Contrasting the playful name of its creator – KaBlam! is a Nickleodeon show from the late 90s – the album title does in fact do justice to the music: Furiosa is inspired by this year’s Mad Max story of « sisterhood and female power ».

KABLAM’s music has always been confrontational and, most importantly, genre-defiant, mixing « non-verbal vocals, hardstyle kicks, some reggaeton snares, and baile funk sounds ». Expect also some kudoro, Jersey Club, R’n’B and hip hop.