nkisi (uk)

Saturday 17/11 — 03:00

💣 better, stronger, harder, faster


label: NON Worldwide

Alongside collaborators Chino Amobi and Angel-ho, as well as her NON Worldwide crew, Nkisi is shaping one of last years’ most interesting and radical narratives relating [genre] music to race.

The discourse, however, should not distract from the sheer, unbelievable musicality of it all: a quintessentially “Belgian” sound (New Beat, hardcore, Dark wave) meets the dancing rhythms of west and central Africa. The result is as powerful and outlandishly beautiful as the nail figurines from the same area who inspired the name “Nkisi” and are said to host spiritual powers and strong energies. Much like the dancefloor during this unique live show.

a SHAPE concert held with the support of the European Union (Creative Europe)