obsequies (be)

Saturday 17/11 — 21:00

😱👨‍💻 ghost in the shell


label: Knives

Once you pass a certain age and are done obsessing over “extreme” music, finding yourself surprised or shocked by a music project becomes a rare experience.

Discovering Obsequies is one of those experiences. The first time you listen to his music, you are surprised by both technique and aesthetics, but the real shock is when you see this young Walloon live.

The immediate reaction is flashbacks from a Venetian Snares performance you may or may not have consciously attended (it is no coincidence that Mike Paradinas from Planet Mu released the album on his sub-label Knives) followed by you wondering if in fact Obsequies is keeping the last thirty years of pop in an iron maiden which he opens from time to time only to hear the cries.

The cries of “deconstructed”, shattered music where sound is beautifully dismembered bit by bit into what could simultaneously be the soundtrack of a voodoo ceremony and the audition of an exquisite electroacoustic composition.

⚠️ This is a seated concert taking place in the Golden Hall which has a very limited capacity. To make sure to attend, get a combo-ticket.