offshore § (be)

Friday 16/11 — 00:00

🌱👟 luxuriant footwork


label: Le Pacifique Records

Sometimes you discover “forgotten” artists and you can’t believe your ears they didn’t click with their times. You are left wondering what happened. Too shy to step up? Too thorough to just go with it? Too far from the trend that they were in fact inadequate?

We’ll never know and after all, we at schiev are not the nostalgic type. We like something, we bring it forward, end of edition. Especially if it implies dragging young, still to be discovered producers out of their caves before they become a forgotten gem on an obscure compilation twenty years from now.

Let’s hope Offshore § isn’t waiting for his retirement days to release his music, or what sounds like the improbable marriage between hefty synths and hyperkinetic beats and the more probable one between Flemish discipline and Brussels casualness. Ganshoren suddenly becomes a borough connecting Chicago to Sheffield when you realise you’re caught between the grittiest footwork and the most ethereal, 90s resembling, ambient.