oklou & casey mq: for the beasts (fr/ca)

Friday 16/11 — 23:00

🔥💔digital torch songs

live, world premiere

label: permalnk

If you listen to our radio show, you know it well by now – we are not afraid to voice out our musical obsessions – whatever they are. It’s 2018 and praise the lord the concept of “good taste in music” is dead and buried.

This being said, one would rightfully assume that the music of Celine Dion or Adele is too… neat, too well-behaved for our taste.

And then Oklou and Casey MQ happened. Bringing together Toronto and Paris through internet magic, their EP has something of an R’n’B track you hear during halftime at the stadium. Or is it Beethoven in the era of Pokemon? Or rather Celine Dion fallen from grace? The music is so rich and full of tear-jerking harmonies that it takes you straight to your early, awkward adolescence when you were always on the brink of crying without knowing why.

You want to shout this entire LP in the shower, or listen to it while watching the rain fall after your boyfriend broke up with you, or send it to your bestie to make up for that mean comment you left on Instagram. Long story short, it is a splendid album and we are immensely proud to see it played live for the very first time. Prepare your handkerchiefs.

a SHAPE concert held with the support of the European Union (Creative Europe)