otto lindholm (be)

Friday 16/11 — 21:00

🎻🌊 liquid drones


label: gizeh records

Otto Lindholm’s family name comes from a legendary Finnish hero who sailed around the globe and we are only mentioning that because it makes all the sense in the world, given how fluid this Brussels-based musician’s sound is. Produced with a double bass and various electronic materials, his music has a latent power to it, ready to burst at any point.

Long, incessantly vibrating pad sounds usually create the image of a foggy wetland sparkling in the early morning glow, but in Otto’s case the marsh is made of lava, the liquidity is cold and digital. Think model T1000 from Terminator and its slick beauty that can take a terrifying shape at any moment.

⚠️ This is a seated concert taking place in the Golden Hall which has a very limited capacity. To make sure to attend, get a combo-ticket.