Raze de Soare (RO)

Sunday 13/11 — 16:30

☀️ pure sunshine


Raze de Soare is a capsule project initiated as a tribute to Albatros, the most prominent prolet-pop band of post-communist Romania (their « Volumul 1 » is on YouTube and has been extensively used to cure bad mood at the schiev office).

This outernational sound of the early 90s, also called proto-manele, is a locally-flavored form of oriental pop contaminated by synthetized wedding and restaurant music. Ion Dumitrescu, producer and Future Nuggets label manager with a penchant for unearthing local motifs, and Cosima Opârțan, former architect and occasional queen of queer balls, team up to re-orchestrate the music and the aesthetics of Romanian transition in a nostalgia-infused, psychedelic performance.