sourdure (fr)

Friday 16/11 — 22:00

 occitan trance


label : Les Disques du Festival Permanent

Sourdure’s music has got a strange characteristic: it feels familiar and completely new at the same time. This is due to an intricate blending of musique concrète, acoustic composition and synthetic experimentation that give you the impression you’ve always known this sound somehow. Otherwise why would you be humming to it all day?

Ernest Bergez uses folklore from France’s Massif central and Auvergne regions to create something of exceptional contemporaneity. All barriers, self-imposed or not – are done away with: traditional vs. modern, popular vs. classical, dance music vs. music to listen to. The formal and conceptual complexity is shielded, resulting in something that is fresh, straightforward and all the more impactful.

⚠️ This is a seated concert taking place in the Golden Hall which has a very limited capacity. To make sure to attend, get a combo-ticket.

a SHAPE concert held with the support of the European Union (Creative Europe)