☕️ watching sunrise with Stellar OM Source (fr/be)

Monday 9/11 — 07.00 AM — online

label: Dekmantel

Monday 9.11, 07.00 AM — on mixcloud
Friday 13.11, 07.30 AM — on Radio Panik
Saturday 14.11, 02.00 PM —  on LYL Radio

missed the show ? here is the replay:

Bonjour Christelle ! 🙂 You’re quite renowned on the club scene with your groovy dj sets and high-energy acid live sets. But for schiev you’ll a do a full ambient set. How do you navigate through music genre and what sparks your attention when being asked to perform ?

As for everyone, our current crisis changed so much for me. I found myself not being able to produce any club-oriented music anymore but only enjoyed playing piano and making ambient mixes. Of course as a musician, I navigated through many genres the past 15 years. And now I can only think of playing shows or dj-sets with a strong feeling of getting in communion with the audience and letting them totally delve into beat-less sets. 

What spark my attention are performance places out of the conventional clubs. I guess because I’ve seen so many and I love places where the organizers are doing something different, be it an unconventional line-up or settings. Since the lockdown I saw promoters finding beautiful creative solutions to work around the limitations and even if I hope that things will get back to a better normal, that those initiatives will stay.

It seems you usually perform in more clubbing set-up, did the pandemic and cancellation of live events made you dive into different music aesthetics ?

Before the lockdown I had planned to play again electric bass in addition to my live or dj sets as I miss showing more of the performing aspect of a musician. And in order to do that I finally came to terms with using a laptop with Ableton instead of the full hardware setup I have. But somehow all those changes made me come back to my early records and electro-acoustic studies. I enjoyed rediscovering this type of work. But I am not sure about the results yet!

You’ll wake us up at sunrise (07.00 AM) with your set. How did you prepare your tracklist ? And do you have a musical morning routine ? 

When I perform a themed set, I usually visualize a lot of scenes and moments and try to imagine the soundtrack to it. When I prepare for an (ambient) dj-set I like to give myself hidden constraints like 50% should reference to the place where I play. In this case the time of the day, the sunrise, Monday, etc. I really think in terms of soundtracking a fiction.

Any musical morning routine you’d like to share with us ? 

It might sound strange but my favorite morning music is nature sounds. I’m fortunate enough to live in a park with big trees, so my morning musical routine is usually listening to birds singing and wind through the tree tops. And otherwise I love the daily newsletter of Musique Journal (project of les Siestes) for their surprising, broad and talented selection.

This concert is held with the support of SHAPE Platform.