Music & Virtuality Book Talk by Shara Rambarran

Saturday 17/11 — 18:00

Has the virtual invaded the realm of the real, or has the real expanded its definition to include what once was characterized as virtual? With the continual evolution of digital technology, this distinction grows increasingly hazy. But perhaps the distinction has become obsolete; perhaps it is time to pay attention to the intersections, mutations, and transmigrations of the virtual and the real. Certain it is time to reinterpret the practice and study of music.

Guest: Shara Rambarran (uk)

Shara Rambarran graduated from the University of Sheffield (in Popular Music Studies) and did most of her practitioner work (as a performer, composer, Rock School tutor/technician, and music press/promotions assistant) before entering the academia to specialize in popular musicology. She is a lecturer in music and cultural studies passionate in researching and writing on: remixology/post-production, digital technology, virtuality, Black British music (electronica, dub, reggae), hip-hop, pop production, audio-visual aesthetics, media, music video, cultural/critical theory, music industry, music education, and law (Intellectual Property Rights).