Towards a Curatorial Activism

Friday 10/11/17 — 20:00

Does music remain a political force? Is the curator / artistic director of a music festival in the right place to address political issues, alongside the artists? If so, how exactly do they put their narrative forward? By writing an editorial? Picking a controversial venue? Teaming up with a politically engaged sponsor or partner? How does the sector integrate minorities (in the broad sense of the word: gender, race, sexual orientation and aesthetic)? Are there curators with fundamentally opposing views?  


Gilke Vanuystel, music curator of STUK, Artefact Festival and newly appointed curator at Beursschouwburg

Krisztián Puskár, co-curator of UH Fest in Budapest, co-founder of Küss Mich club series. Activist, researcher, editor and cultural journalist.

Tom Nys, independent curator and author-researcher


Dorien Schelfhout, freelance journalist, co-runner of midlife music