🛋 watching videos with Inne Eysermans (be)

Tuesday 10/11 — 09.00 PM — online

labelCrammed Discs

Tuesday 10.11, 9.00 PM — on mixcloud

After three albums with your band Amatorski, you have decided to focus on your solo project. Can you explain to us your approach and the aesthetic that you want to develop ?

Hiiii! Actually I started collaborating with writers, theatre and film makers more. I’ve always been into narrative and I wanted to explore how sound and music can be part of that, and also how it could create different meanings. It felt good to work on a more experimental level, and outside a song structure context, but I start to feel I want to get back at it. I just love pop music!

You’ll be soundtracking the theme « watching videos ». In what way the theme influenced your recording and how does it resonate with your musical aesthetic ?

The theme of the festival in general has actually drawn me to look into my most recent archive. I took fragments of recordings – field recordings, synthesis, bass experiments – from the last few months and layered them. Pretty diverse and diffuse sometimes. 🙂

We invited alongside you a video artist – Adèle Grégoire – to do the endless scrolling throughout your live. How do you feel about this collaborative aspect of the gig ? 

It’s been nice! We’ve been sending tracks and videos back and forth, but we’ve been taking our own path in the making of it so I’m looking forward to seeing it coming together. 

Any favorite Youtube Channel you’d like to share ? 🙂 

Hmmm I love to watch WNBA on YouTube. 🙂 I love sports and what happens besides the court: how these athletes encourage young girls to play, make community, being critical but always in a positive way.