Yves De Mey (BE)

Saturday 12/11 — 21:00

modular blacksmith


Some of you may know that Yves de Mey has been around for quite a while. One of the great electronic composers and producers of Belgium, his career goes back to the early 2000s and includes producing drum’n’bass as Eavesdropper, working on sound for film and theatre, creating large scale sound installations and releasing telluric techno with long-time friend Peter van Hoesen as Sendai.

These days however, his solo works are increasingly avant-garde. He builds rich, evolving soundscapes using nothing but hardware, as the talented and creative sound engineer that he is. Spectrum Pools (Editions Mego‘s sub-label), Opal Tapes and Entr’acte are some of the labels which have hosted his previous pieces.

Yves De Mey is a SHAPE platform 2015 alumnus.