first line-up announcement ✨

So long schievekes ! Our 4th edition is due in two months @beursschouwburg but we couldn’t resist to give you a hint already. Here are the first names of our line-up to give you a tasty overlook of what we’re preparing for you. Make sure not to plan any boring stuff on the 16-17-18th of November cause schiev is no joke ! 🏂

This year, schiev is presenting awesome live and dj sets by

annelies monséré (be)
bérangère maximin (fr)
december (fr)
gosheven (hu)
jung an tagen (at)
mika oki (jp/fr)
nkisi (uk)
obsequies (be)
offshore § (be)
sourdure (fr)

Stay tuned for the rest of the line-up alongside our label market, back to back dj sets, conferences and talks ! For all our freshest news, go social !

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