schiev 2020 : first names 🚨

In 2020, all we’ve got left is our daily / boring / you name it / day-to-day activities. WE FEEL YOU 😓, and this is why we decided to invite you to a musical program to accompany your daily life.

💝 Every day for a week, twice a day, 14 artists we’ll enhance the most basics tasks of our routine and bring a little schiev feeling to it: cooking dinner, walking in the woods, an insomnia, a nap, a morning sunrise…

Sneak a peek on the line-up, stay tuned for more, and take care:

🐌 Rian Treanor (live)

🧨 object blue (live)

🧩 Rojin Sharafi (live)

🔋 Jay Glass Dubs (live)

🐕 Radio Hito (live)

🥫 Fausto Mercier (live)

🦉 Yann Gourdon (live)

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