our tickets are here !

🤩 Living an unbelievably intense experience, maybe the time of your life, a festival like no other else, is ONLY A CLICK AWAY dear schievekes and this click is R-I-G-H-T H-E-R-E ⬇️

More seriously, here’s how it’s gonna work this year:

🥇 PASS will give you access to the WHOLE festival (+ unconditional love, forever – 30 €)

🥈 COMBO ticket will give you access to a whole NIGHT (meaning Golden Hall seated concert with their super limited jauge + Silver Hall Club – 13 €)

🥉 Standard ticket will be available, at the door, for the Golden Hall seated concert (if there’s any seats left, very limited capacity – 7€) or the Club (more room, but we’ve been sold out three years in a row, I wouldn’t wait personnaly – 12€)

Deal? 🤝

➡️ Get your ticket 💜