🥁 schiev 2020 : full line-up

Hoï schievekes, here we are finally 🥁: our second and final part of line-up. We worked throughout the week to present you the FULL program online and keep enlightening your week with these lovely/amazing/wonderful artists:

☕️Stellar OM Source 🥫 F͇a̹u̼s̚t͌o̲ M̤e̝r͗̍͊cͥi͎e̵r̶ 🧩 Rojin Sharafi 🛋 Inne Eysermans

🦉 Yann Gourdon 🔋 Jay Glass Dubs 🐌 Rian Treanor  🧨 object blue 

🐈 Ben Bertrand Otto Lindholm 🍕 Mathilde Fernandez  🐕 Radio Hito

🏋🏼 Soumaya Phéline 🍻 Borokov Borokov 🌪 Q-Boy

🗣 We sat (on the internet) with each one of them for a little chit-chat, discuss music, routine during a pandemic and some very (un)important life-hacks… You can find the texts on the website.

💸 Everything’s free, just enjoy it and support the artists if you can by buying their music.

🦠 As you might have guessed, we won’t be able to welcome you to our beloved Beursschouwburg. Even after a plan Z that seemed doable, the new regulations forced us to stop. We’ll miss you very much. You’ll be able to hear the gigs throughout mixcloudLYL Radio and Radio Panik.

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