🌞 daily life edition: aaall the lives

monday 09/11

watching sunrise with Stellar OM Source (be)

grocery shopping with Fausto Mercier (hu)

tuesday 10/11

a focused task with Rojin Sharafi (ir/at)

watching videos with Inne Eysermans (be)

wednesday 11/11

an insomnia with Yann Gourdon (fr)

a nap with Jay Glass Dubs (gr)

thursday 12/11

commuting with Rian Treanor (uk)

a lecture with Ben Bertrand & Otto Lindholm (be)

friday 13/11

a deadline with object blue (uk)

cooking dinner with Mathilde Fernandez (be)

saturday 14/11

a sport session with Soumaya Phéline (be)

an apero with Borokov Borokov (be)

sunday 15/11

cleaning with Q-Boy (be)

a walk with Radio Hito (be)