support schiev: get a marvelous 20-21 calendar 🎁

Heyy schievekes, we got a surprise ! Our wonderful graphic designer team alliage (go check their work) designed a 20-21 calendar. 📅

Waaaay too many emojis, very (un)important dates, our (out of date) line-up and some jokes to wait until we can see each other again. Interested ? Here is how you can receive or pick-up this weird & wonderful goodie.

🥇Select your shipping preference (READ CAREFULLY):
-> Pick & collect (1030 Schaerbeek OR Librairie Météores – 1000 Brussels / no shipping) = 7 €
-> Eco-friendly delivery by bike (Brussels only) = 11 €
-> BPost shipping (Belgium) = 11 €
-> International shipping = please send us an e-mail, we’ll find a solution !

🥈Send an-email to with the shipping you’d like, your address (if needed) and to receive our bank account infos. We’ll discuss the details for delivery/pick-up by e-mail.

🏆 ENJOY IT / STICK IT ON YOUR WALL / YOUR FRIDGE (and send us a picture)

Due to the current situation, we’ll do our best to have it sent as soon as possible, but please be patient. 🙂

We’re also trying to add some Pick & collect points. If you have a place somewhere that would be interesting for us to leave a bunch of these (and if you’re willing to help us), feel free to contact us. 💝