call for project

what is the bazaar ?

imagine a time-space sitting in between a flea market, a medieval fair, a kermesse and a town square – where we would only focus on music : that’s it, that’s the schiev bazaar !

it’s a free event for the audience,

it takes place at the same time (12pm > 8pm) as the schiev label market, which will be held in Beurs Café.

its aim is to bring together all creative, technical and enthusiastic music practices.

it takes place in the beurs red hall and upstairs in the lobby.

how can I participate ?

fill the GoogleForm using the following link

  • you’ve got a stock of vinyl/tapes to swap or sell,
  • skills in repairing electronic or acoustic instruments,
  • some unlikely music merch,
  • some books, paper editions or fanzines,
  • you want to propose music-related flash-tattoos,
  • you’d like to discuss a specific music topic with peers and audience,
  • you’d like to present your organisation / collective,
  • or anything else music and sound related ?

we want to hear from you 🙂

proposals must be sent in by 31 december 2023. we’ll get back to you to confirm your participation.

we’ll confirm some projects before the 31st december.

there are thirty 1,5m spots / tables, so better send your proposal early.

How much does it cost ?

For the selected participants:

  • we’ll ask for a 15€ deposit once you receive our confirmation email. We’ll pay you back if you show up with your promised-project on the 4th february. it’s just to make sure you join us despite your theoretical hungover ^^
  • we’ll ask you for 5% to 15% of what you sold that day. we won’t check what you sold : it’s trust-based.
  • the share we take will be split between schiev and a solidarity project. more on that later !
  • your project doesn’t sell / you don’t have products profits : 5% of 0 is 0. No worries 🙂

what it is not ?

it’s not a speed meeting space nor the place to present your band / music project.

That’s all the info you need to get started. if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Sascha, schiev’s bazaar manager, at

We’re all really looking forward starting this new edition together, thank you for wanting to be a part of it !

« at the schiev bazaar, you’re sure to find what you didn’t know you were looking for ! »