Promesses (DJ set)

sun. 12.02.23

Promesses is both a label and a DJ duo composed of Samos and Härdee. They are also at the head of the parties Professeur Promesses and the festival Milieux. The artistic direction of the label takes note of the new musical hybridizations born of eclectic backgrounds and influences. Residents at Rinse France, their shows care very little about etiquette and are familiar with the crossing of musical genres (rap, reggaeton, footwork, trance, jersey, baile funk, hyper-pop, ambient ect.). They build their sets as a space without borders and create a network between the artists and their productions to become de facto complementary with the work of the label. They have already played at Dour Festival (BE), at Razzmatazz (ES), for Boiler Room and they got a biannual residency at the iconic club La Machine du Moulin Rouge (FR).