“the joy of sound : music, feeling and imagination” by Julian Henriques

fri. 2/02/2024 — 20:00

fri. 2/02/2024 – 20h
conference / free
for this 9th edition, we’ll introduce the festival by coming back to the very essence of why we do all this : because it brings joy schievekes. as. simple. as. that 🙂
« This talk explores the sound of music. Why does it affect us so? What does it tell us about being human? How can we use its positive effects for joy and community with others? With music tracks and examples from Henriques’ current scientific and cultural research, the story begins in the auditory world of the womb before we are born and how this shapes the rest of our lives. It continues with how a thinking through sound challenges the traditional visual hierarchy of the senses and opens a gateway to multi-sensory sonic experience and feelings, as well as the listener-listened-to relationship. Sounding pirates with energies, processes and relationships as evidenced in how it affects our entire bodily surfaces and can be tuned to stimulate the organs within. The reggae sound system session is an example of this. Music-making also challenges the conventional separation between human and music technologies that with Afrofuturism opens our imagination for the future. »