sat. 3/02/2024 — 23:00

bedroom hit-machine

(FR / UK) / Live

if we discovered caro <3 with her exquisite synth-pop / shoegaze band Planet1999, we admit having a soft spot for the french-born solo work.

once upon a time, bedroom producers were a thing, but you could more often than not picture those rooms filled with broken laptops, overly full ashtrays and old beer cans.

caro<3 is also bringing us to her “metaphorical room” but we imagine the PC Music affiliate one full of fluffy blankets, colorful cushions and fizzy beverages mixing energy drinks and herbal tea.

this is music to listen writing love letters to your friends, to blast in your teen room while you sing out loud and jump on the bed, tracks to listen cruising on Mario Kart’s rainbow road or riding a unicorn on the beach at dawn.

she’s bringing this sweet vibe and her karaoke-proofeed-anthems to schiev : we hope you’ll have mastered all the lyrics to be ready.

label: PC Music

social: Insta