Tristan Bründler

sat. 3/02/2024 — 01:00

saturated love

(BE) Live

if we’re not the nostalgic type, we admit being happy when some delicious flavors of the past are rediscovered and given a fresh new spin. pinpointing Tristan’s music was not so easy, as he blends a wild array of exquisite influences, from the maximalist and overly colorful energy of the firsts Border community releases, to the darker emo-gigantism of the witch house era. one could even find in there this little sweet and sour feels and home-made vibe of one of our unsung hero, Kim Hiortøy -especially in Tristan frantic rhythms section. with so many of our personal kinks, we can’t wait to “drown in his sea of love”.

label: Isengard 

social: Insta