Sara Persico

fri. 2/02/2024 — 02:00

cyberpunk EDM

(IT/DE) / DJ

looking for a DJ set to end the 1st night of our 2024 edition we wanted to challenge the idea of the functionnal set that deliver a kick on every time and make you raise your arms.

Sara Persico looked like the perfect match.

coming from the legendary chaotic city of Napoli, Sara’s work is a blend of processed vocals, dismembered beats and noise. her DJ sets are diverse and unpredictable : if it’s often heavy on the subs and distorsion, it plays with textures, tempo and the very idea of dance sometimes.

you better expect an atmosphere closer to a dystopian cyberpunk disco after the apocalypse rather than your regular industrial-techno-warehouse™.

label: Karlrecords

social: Insta

· This concert is held with the support of the Shape + Platform and Creative Europe

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