Na tej strani nebes

sat. 3/02/2024 — 22:00

acoustic drone

(SL / BE / BE) / Live 

Na tej strain nebes is a trio composed of Iztok Koren, Annelies Monseré and Ameel Brecht. its a brand new project, created during a residency specifically for schiev 2024. 

here’s how the trio presents its work : 

Na tej strain nebes is a newly founded trio of musicians from Slovenia and Belgium. Trio members Annelies Monseré (Luster), Iztok Korea (Širom) and Ameel Brecht (Razen) play a meditative, slowly developing music with acoustic instruments such as banjo, gembri, harmonium and mandolin, with the addition of Annelies’ vocals. The band searches for states of withdrawal, contemplation, beauty, strangeness, presence and hope in music. 

social : Iztok Koren / Annelies Monseré / Ameel Brecht

· This concert is held with the support of the Shape + Platform and Creative Europe. the project was built in the context of a residency in Brussels.

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