residency programm – Sebastien Forrester, Mika Oki, Apulati bien

since last year, in partnership with SHAPE+ we’ve launch a residency program, allowing  twice three artists to create a new live / piece of work. Those two projects will be part of the schiev 2024 programm.
The first project will be focus on club-music mutations and involve three great musicians :

Our in-house joke with Sebastien Forrester is that with releases on superpang, his knack for post traditionnal music, his amazing club-oriented releases on Promesses (among other things), he could basically be put anywhere in the schiev line up depending on his project. he’s also a trained and very skilled percussionnist.

Apulati bien has been on schiev fav list for a long time : he did wonder on the more bass side of club music in the past and released a gorgeous ambiant record last year. we also probably can’t get over the fact covid put an end to our wish of inviting him with Xolot, his project with Vica Pacheco.

finally,we are way too close to Mika Oki to do an impartial description of her work,. it’s on top unnecessay because everyone knows she’s a fabulous DJ and an incredible visual artists (and not even everyone knows she discreetly put marvellous electroacoustic piece out there).

the trio will work until the festival and deliver a performance on february 2nd !